Here are some frequently asked wedding photography related questions:


Q: We’re ready to book you guys as our wedding photographers! What happens next?
A: Whether you book us during our initial meeting or decide a week later, our booking process is very easy.

If you decide to book when you first meet with us, we will sign the photography agreement and collect payment during our meeting. This ensures that you lock us in for your wedding date. One less thing to worry about!

If you go home and decide at a later time, let us know right away so we can check the date for availability. If we are still available, we will email you a link to our online booking system. Here you can sign the photography agreement and make a payment.

1/3 of your total booking coverage is due upon booking and signing of online photography agreement. The final payment is due 30 days prior the wedding and the second payment is due halfway in between the first and third payment.


Q: What are your rates and what is included in your collection?
A: The initial investment is $3790 for our Eight Hour Collection with two photographer, complete with a 20 sided 10×10 hardbound leatherette album. Most of our couples upgrade their wedding album size, add pages or a leather cover and are prepared to invest a total of around $4000 to $5000. Check out our wedding rates page for details.


Q: Is a wedding album included?
A: Yes! A 10×10 wedding album with 20 sides is included in of our collection. We will design a layout that best tells the story of your wedding day. Upon activation of your online proof gallery we will schedule an album order appointment. This is the big reveal of the wedding album design. The initial design can often range between 20-60 sides. The first 20 sides is included in your collection. We will go through the design spread by spread to see if we’ve chosen all of your favorite images. You are not obligated to add sides to your album, but most couples do so after experiencing the finished design. If you opt for any album upgrades, 50% of the balance is due at the album order appointment upon approval of design and the remaining 50% is due prior delivery, which takes about 8-12 weeks.


Q: Can we book the collection now and add more coverage or upgrade our album before the wedding day?
A: Absolutely! Our collection is designed to cover all bases on the wedding day (getting ready, portraits, ceremony, through the reception) with the ability to add more coverage if you wish. You can always add coverage to your collection or upgrade your wedding album anytime.

Hourly fee for additional wedding or rehearsal coverage  |  $395/hr

When you add pages (or “sides” as we like to call them) to your album prior your wedding you save 50% on those additional pages compared to adding them after your wedding.

Additional sides when purchased before the wedding  |  $100/side

Additional sides when purchased after the wedding  |  $200/side

When you add 4 or more sides to your initial collection we will guarantee the same 50% discounted price after your wedding if and when you add even more sides during the album order appointment.


Q: Your collection includes a photo gift registry. What is that and how does it work?
A: We are pleased to offer you an exclusive invitation to take advantage of our gift registry. Your guests are invited to contribute to your wedding album and photography products. This service gives you the opportunity to receive a contribution towards a gift that you will treasure forever, rather than be left with gifts you dislike, do not need or already have.

Our gift registry is a wonderful way of splurging a little extra on your wedding album because you couldn’t live without that soft supple Italian leather cover. You may want to do an engagement portrait or surprise your partner with a bridal boudoir session, but you don’t quite want to spend the money. Well, you don’t have to! You can have your guests pay for it for you!

So how does it all work? Once you reserve your wedding date with us, we will set up your online gallery containing your gift registry. Your gallery is password protected and will contain all of your images from your wedding as well as engagement or bridal portraits. The gift registry portion is for your wedding guests to purchase a gift certificate that can be utilized for bigger ticketed items; such as, upgrading your wedding album, a canvas gallery wrap, engagement portraits, or adding more coverage. When someone purchases a gift certificate ($100-$1000), you will be mailed a beautiful paper certificate so you know who it came from and the amount. Not only do you benefit, but your guests do too. With each contribution, each guest will receive a free portrait session, valued at $100. Please note that the certificates cannot be redeemed for cash, nor can they be used for your initial investment payments (our wedding photography collection) or for loose print orders (ie: 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, etc).


Q: What if we don’t live in Charlottesville. How do we go about our album order appointment?
A: Let’s Skype! Of course we prefer to be with you in person so we can hand you a tissue to wipe away the tears after viewing pictures of the first look with your mom or dad in your wedding dress.


Q: Are all of the digital images included?
A: All digital images taken up to and including the wedding day are included in our collection (portrait sessions done anytime after the wedding day are not included). The digital files are released to the newlyweds with the wedding album delivery. Two high res digital files of the engagement portrait session are included prior to the wedding for wedding announcements or save the date reminders. All digital images are optimized for printing and duplicate copies optimized for social media use are delivered on USB drive. In addition to all of the high res printable files, you also receive all of the images that are in your wedding album (retouched the way they appear in your album).

If you would like to acquire digital files prior to their release date, they can be purchased through the online gallery.

Digital files from non-wedding portrait sessions (family, children, corporate, etc.) are not included in the session fee, but the files are available for purchase.


Q: Do you travel? If so, are there travel fees involved?
A: We love to get out of Charlottesville! We have a $1 per mile driving fee (round trip) for weddings over 50 miles drive from our home in North Garden, VA. We usually cap our driving distance at around 4-6 hours drive. If further, we will fly. All air travel is to be provided by the client, as well as any lodging necessary. A $100 per diem rate is charged for weddings that requires travel. Any necessary lodging is to be paid for and provided by the client for the night before and the night of the wedding.


Q: How many photographers will be shooting at our wedding?
A: Jason and Tammy team up together to photograph weddings. Jason is the lead photographer and Tammy assists him during portraits (holding a reflector or light, changing lenses, etc.). Tammy also shoots throughout the day, especially during the ceremony and reception formalities (cake cutting, toasts and first dances).


Q: When will we receive our online proof gallery?
A: Your images will be available to you in about four weeks. The online gallery is password protected. The proof gallery is a platform for viewing, ordering prints, and organizing your favorite photographs.


Q: How long will our online proof gallery be active?
A: Your gallery will be available for a minimum of nine months, but just let us know if you want your gallery extended. No worries!


Q: What payment methods to you take?
A: Cash, personal or cashier’s check, Visa and MasterCard.


Q: What discounts do you offer?
A: Military Discounts: Being that we know first hand that military members don’t get paid as much as they deserve, all active military receives a 10% discount. All active duty veterans or currently active duty reservists receive a 5% discount. Discounts pertains to the initial investment only, which excludes purchases made after the wedding.


Q: What about my privacy? Will you use our wedding photographs for online resources, magazines, advertisements, etc.?
A: We respect your privacy, period. We won’t post or publish your photos anywhere, if that’s what you want. We can run photos by you for your approval if requested. Just let us know. Otherwise, we reserve the right to use any image that we make to promote our business. Most couples love to get published, but we understand that some occupations require privacy in personal lives.


Q: What kind of camera equipment do you use? Do you shoot film or digital?
A: We use professional Fujifilm digital cameras. We also can shoot Polaroids (Fujifilm Instax) during the cocktail hour and/or reception as an add-on.


Q: How many pictures will we receive?
A: We feel that wedding photography is about quality rather than quantity. Would you rather have 3000 pennies or 800 one hundred dollar bills? That being said, we don’t have a set number of images and it often depends on how much time we are given to take portraits. The more time we have for portraits the more hundred dollar bills you get.


Q: How will you safeguard our images?
A: We always back up our work more than needed. We have six on site back-ups, and a secure online back-up through CrashPlan. NASA utilizes CrashPlan to back up all of their data.


Q: What will you wear at our wedding?
A: We try to be as discreet as possible by generally wear all black. We try to balance style with functionality. Let us know if you are having a black tie event in advance so I can get my tux pressed and ready to go!


Q: Do you photograph Indian weddings or multi-day weddings? 
A: Yes. We have many years of experience with Indian weddings and other culturally diverse weddings from Chinese to Korean to Pakistani. Let us know the requirements and coverage you’d like to have and we will provide you with a customized quote.


Q: Is photography your full-time or part-time job?
A: Jason has been a full-time photographer since 1992 and a full-time professional wedding and portrait photographer since 2000.


Q: What is your photographic background, training, experience, and education?
A: Jason has over 25 years of professional photography experience. The first ten years being enlisted in the US Navy as a combat photographer and photojournalist. During this time, he was accepted to an elite photojournalism program at the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. In 2000, he found his true calling photographing weddings. You can read about this in more detail in the About section of our website.


Q: What happens if you get sick or are unable to photograph our wedding?
A: This has yet to happen in 17 years in the wedding photography business. In the extreme rare circumstance, we would find a replacement photographer, this would most likely be Tammy. Jason and Tammy have been photographing weddings side by side since 2005. They both share the same vision, style, and finesse. We also have a vast network of local wedding photographers and professional photojournalists. We all help each other when in time of need.







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