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Color in sky prussian blue
Scarlet fleece changes hue
Crimson ball sinks from view

Wear your love like heaven
Wear your love like heaven
Wear your love like heaven

Lord kiss me once more
Fill me with song
Allah kiss me once more
That I may, that I may
Wear my love like heaven
Wear my love like heaven
Color sky havana lake
Color sky rose carmethene
Alizarian crimson

Sarah McLachlan Wear Your Love Like Heaven

  • KMacMurray - Lovely image … and great bit of verse. But that should be attributed to Donovan Leith, not Sarah MacLachlan.2011/10/11 – 10:38ReplyCancel

    • Tammy Keefer - Thank you! Yes, I should also attribute Donovan Leitch for writing this gorgeous song… yet the connection and love that I feel for this song comes from her voice and the way she sings it….2011/10/12 – 22:50

Hi folks, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted… September and October has been a brimful of interesting shoots and beautiful weddings.  Please stay tuned… I am so excited to share everything from the past couple of months!!

This is Session 1 of 3 of Abby, Jeff and Cy.  We all spent a warm and blissful Sunday together at The Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Va.  Abby and Jeff are expecting to meet Cy sometime in the next week or so!  Jason and I can’t wait to meet him, either!  Cy will have his first portrait taken when he is 3 weeks old and then another at 3 months.

  • Priscilla - This gave me chills and tears. It is all so beautiful and I love the timeless, vintage quality.2010/11/01 – 08:45ReplyCancel

  • Katy - Loving the love… So perfect…2010/10/30 – 07:33ReplyCancel