Charlottesville VA Family Portrait Carter Mountain Orchard Ash Lawn Highland

In this world of many colors

The storms of life, the joys of life move by

The dark, the light, the day, the night

The river of our life flows

-Julee Cruise

The first time that Jason and I met Drew and Karine was about four years ago on Halloween.  Jason and I were dressed as… photographers (default costume for procrastinating photographers), and we were in downtown Charlottesville having fun and taking random pictures of Halloweeners.  Then there was Drew and Karine.  Dressed like flappers from the roaring 20’s.  I think Jason did a whole photo shoot of them that night, they were so hot.  A few months later, I ran into Karine again when we both joined the same roller derby team.  Her derby name was Tikki Torcher, I think?  Mine was Tamikaze.   I also met her enchanting daughter, Vaiana, who is a fearless old soul.

These portraits were taken at the beginning of November at Ash Lawn-Highland and Carter Mountain Orchard.


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