Featured on Fête by Stephanie Marie

These awesome words and feature by Stephanie Marie has completely made our week! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Can I talk about how much I adore Jason and Tammy Keefer? Not only are they fun, beautiful, COOL people– their photographic style is one of a kind. We live in a town with a plethora of photographers, which is a great thing… but yes, the issue of style and diversity and standing out is admittedly a tough one when everyone wants to emulate that Jose Villa, medium format film style or that sharp, crisp digital style. Making a photograph stand out as undeniably you can be tough for any photographer at any skill level in the wedding industry. But Jason and Tammy… their photography is unapologetically unique and refreshing. Their perspective is sometimes dark, a bit more on the raw side, but always, without fail, jaw-dropping and beautiful.

I love this shot. It’s the Keefer take on the bridal portrait– a gorgeous woman, a white dress, a bouquet of flowers– and yet it’s not. The realness of the moment, the interesting patterns of light and texture of her surroundings, and the obscurity of who this bride really is just intrigues me. It’s an incredible photo and just the right way for me to kick off the week.

happy, happy monday.

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