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Shalin and Hema must have amazing frequent flier miles… Living in San Francisco, Shalin took a train and a flight into Richmond for one day to visit his beloved Hema, and so that Jason and I could make a portrait of them together. Later that afternoon, he would have to take a flight and train ride back home… the travel time lasting longer than his time with Hema. This will all change dramatically this upcoming week when the two of them get married! Hema will get to move in with Shalin back in San Fran! I’m so excited for them! Planning a wedding between India and Richmond, and not to mention having a fiancee living on the other side of the country has to have its challenges. After the wedding, they can release a blissful sigh and settle into a new chapter of their lives.

Speaking of weddings, Jason and I couldn’t me more excited to be a part of theirs! A 3 day celebration will commence this Friday with the Ganesh Puja and Mehendi. It’s going to be phenomenal weekend!

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These portraits of Larry and Lydia were taken while the weather was still consistently cold. Shame on me. Time somehow got the best of me, and I let these images slip through the cracks.

Our afternoon began with meeting for lunch at Pomme in downtown Gordonsville. I’ve always heard remarkable things about this French restaurant, and my experience echoed all the great things I remembered. Jason and I will visit Pomme again for Larry and Lydia’s rehearsal dinner in September, if not sooner. After lunch, the four of us all climbed into Larry’s truck and drove through Gordonsville’s town and countryside. Here are a few portraits that we took along the way. Can we all give it up for Lydia and Larry for making it look like it wasn’t cold?