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This portrait goes back a few years. Washington DC. It was quiet, the room uncluttered, the bride was calm and was immersed only in her own thoughts. She wore gorgeous lingerie and chose to get ready by herself. This enabled Jason to capture her in a way that would most likely be different than if she chose to get ready in the presence of her bridesmaids, lady friends and family. Being in a room full of women can tend to get a little topsy-turvy at times.

Being alone or with your bridal party are different vibes for sure, and both scenarios are undeniably beautiful and wonderful. The choice depends on the bride-to-be, who’s unique in her personality, her values, her personal style and the way she wants to  remember the day. Many brides embrace the beautiful chaos and are comforted by the presence and support of their sisters, best friends and moms. Brides getting ready in this way have left me with some of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever witnessed and will always cherish.

Are you a bride-to-be? How will you choose to get ready?