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First, you’ve got to take a look at Matt and Kristen’s wedding website, created and designed by them!  Isn’t it neat?  Aside from being a handy-dandy resource guide for their guests and wedding professionals, it has a clever design and many thoughtful accents throughout.  I like how some of the images look mounted by photo corners.

I will never tire of reading about how they met.

Matt and Kristen met while working together at the Richmond Times-Dispatch. On Valentine’s Day of 2007 Kristen left work to go pick up some flowers for the people she worked with. Even though she had never spoken to him before, she decided to pick up two extra flowers for Matt. When she got back to work she passed out all the flowers except for the two she bought Matt. She put his two flowers in a small cup and called him to come pick them up. The first time they spoke to each other was when Matt came to pick up his Valentine’s Day gift. The next morning Kristen came into work to a single rose and a Valentine’s Day pencil. Her thank you email to Matt was the first of over 3000 emails they’d send to each other over the course of 2 years.

That’s so romantic!

I also loved reading about the wedding party.  Matt and Kristen are two of the sweetest, most lovable people you could ever meet, and now I couldn’t wait to meet the wedding party.   I remember reading that Matt’s brother and Best Man Tim thought that Battlefield Earth was the worst movie ever made.  Come on, it’s not that bad of a movie.  Is it?  I like that movie.  I’m actually quite fond of it.  It’s bad enough to be funny, and I think that’s what makes it watchable.

Matt and Kristen’s wedding celebration took place at downtown Richmond’s Hilton Garden Inn.  This Hilton was renovated from a department store once known as Miller & Rhoads.   Most of Matt and Kristen’s lives were spent in Richmond, and they really wanted to streamline a lot of those elements into their wedding.  Kristen claims that if she had to pick a theme for her wedding, it would probably be vintage Richmond with a modern twist.  Here is a highlight of their wedding weekend.  Check out the custom made bridesmaid dresses!

Event Planning:  Ryan Hall with Cheers Consulting

Rehearsal Dinner:  Bank Restaurant

Wedding Gown:  Jingles Bridal

Suits:  JoS. A. Bank

Floral:  Flowers Make Scents

Hair & Makeup:  Lou Stevens Glam Squad

Cake:  The Buttercream Bee

DJ and Lighting:  Jason Paige with Celebrity Radio DJs

Chair Rental:  Magic Special Events

Photo Booth:  Freeze Frame Photo Booth

miller & rhoads