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Part II of Sejal’s marriage to Kunch begins with preparations of Kunch’s Baraat , which took place outside in front of the Hilton in Short Pump.  The Baraat is the groom’s procession to the ceremony.  It is customary that he arrives to the ceremony on a mare.  Both the groom and the horse are adorned with flowers and finery, and the groom generally carries either a sword or a dagger.  He’s accompanied by his family and a band who dance all around him.   Usually, the bride secretly watches the festivities, and in this event, Sejal looked on from a window inside the hotel.

Once the procession arrives to the ceremony site, they are met by the bride’s waiting family.  Equivalent family members on each side greet each other, normally beginning with the fathers, then mothers, followed by siblings, then extended family.  This ceremony is called the Milni, which symbolizes the unification of the two clans.

Le Reve Creation’s custom built plexi-glass mandap adorned with hanging garlands was a vision of modern elegance!

A four hour interlude, then Sejal began getting ready for the 650 person reception.

Congratulations Sejal and Kunch on your marriage!!!  We wish you the best in your lives together!!!

  • Monica Shah - To Whom It May Concern:

    I hope you are doing well. I am getting married on August 23, 2015 in Red Oak, NC and will be having the following events in a Hindu (Indian) ceremony:

    I am interested in a photographer and videographer for these events.

    Events #1,2,3 will be at my house in Red Oak, NC
    Events #4,5,6 will be at Brown Auditorium at Nash Community College in Rocky Mount, NC.
    1. Mehndi
    2. Mandap Murat
    3. Pithi
    4. Garba
    5. Wedding
    6. Reception

    Events #1 will be August 21, 2015
    Events # 2,3,4 will be August 22, 2015
    Events # 5,6 will be August 23, 2015

    1. What are the prices and packages and what is included?
    2. Do you have samples of your work? Specifically Indian weddings if possible

    I appreciate all of your consideration and efforts.


    Monica Shah2014/10/02 – 15:04ReplyCancel

    • Tammy Keefer - Hi Monica,
      Please view our rates and Indian weddings on our website. Please call us anytime to talk about your wedding.

      Jason2014/10/14 – 15:37

  • HollandPhotoArts - Gorgeous work, you two!! LOVE the modern chic feel of this wedding and you captured some fantastic moments between the bride and groom! xoxo…anne&bill2010/10/08 – 17:53ReplyCancel

  • Keri - This wedding is insanely beautiful…that bride is quite an knock-out!

    I love the detail pics and the dancing pics…you can feel the party atmosphere!2010/10/06 – 11:06ReplyCancel

  • Dr. Dolly - After seeing these photos (and Bend It Like Beckham), I REALLY want to attend an Indian wedding celebration!!2010/10/06 – 10:15ReplyCancel