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I hope your week is off to a great start! Jason and I got to experience an earthquake and bits of hurricane Irene all in one week, how crazy is that? I hope that everyone remained safe and didn’t experience too much damage. I feel very fortunate that Mother Nature was easy on us folks in Charlottesville. We didn’t even lose power. As for the 5.8 magnitude earthquake, we didn’t receive any damage from it either. When the quake started, Jason actually thought that the washing machine was unbalanced and bouncing around in the basement.

Today I’d like to share with you a portrait session of a very delightful couple, Eric and CaSandra! Jason and I got to spend an afternoon with them taking their portraits around West Main Street in Charlottesville.


  • GerryR - I love the SQUARE look! Excellent Composition!2011/08/31 – 12:21ReplyCancel

It’s a small-big world. Alexandra heard of us a couple of years ago when we documented the wedding of one of her co-workers in Maryland. Then Miguel’s restaurant, Carmello’s in historic Manassas catered a rehearsal dinner that we had photographed last year. Jason and I are greatly honored that they have chosen us to document their extensive wedding weekend celebration. For their engagement portraits, Miguel and Alexandra invited me and Jason to tour some of the most beautiful and historic locations of Manassas, Virginia… their own home being one of them! Their lovely house is actually on the historic register and is one of the oldest homes in Manassas. We also got to walk around the Old Towne district, which is just beautiful and quaint with plenty of fine restaurants, museums and shops. Finally, we drove a short distance to explore the scenic Manassas National Battlefield Park. If history is your thing, then this year is actually an ideal time to visit. The town is celebrating its 150th year anniversary of the first battle of Manassas. While you’re there, I recommend grabbing a bite at Monza, or if you are seeking a fine dining experience, then definitely check out Carmello’s. And I’m definitely not plugging these restaurants because Miguel is the General Manager, the food is really quite amazing!


  • Kelsey Pace - I LOVE all your engagement sessions, the pictures are always so beautiful. Their house is amazing, and I love the theme of red that kept subtly repeating throughout the session. I agree with Aaron about the boxcar, it’s terrific! What a beautiful couple.

    PS- Alexandra’s dresses are gorgeous!2011/08/10 – 08:14ReplyCancel

  • Cade Bowman - That last black and white shot is one of my favorite photos ever.2011/08/02 – 18:55ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Watson - Love these pictures! Especially the last one! The boxcar reminds me of the “Boxcar Children” books I read growing up, wish we had one like that in Charlottesville.2011/08/02 – 09:18ReplyCancel