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Kristen was back in her gown for an afternoon of portraits at the breathtaking Inglewood Lavender Farm in Arrington. Now open to the public, Inglewood Lavender is also an ideal spot for weddings, rehearsal dinners, picnics or just taking a blissful stroll between heavenly fragranced rows of plants. You can also purchase handcrafted lavender products at their shop, or even cut your own bunches of lavender! Contact Kathy Tillman at somedaycame@mac.com or at 434-263-4558 for further details.

Here’s another posting from Kelly and Hendrick, this being their rehearsal dinner which took place back in late July at Castle Hill Cider. This being my first visit to Castle Hill, I immediately fell in love with it’s wide open indoor space and ring of trees off to the side. Kelly had mentioned to me and Jason that a lot of their guests would be children, so the rehearsal dinner would involve many games and activities with them in mind.

The dinner theme was also very “Virginia” oriented. Wines from nearby vineyards and wineries, and local Starr Hill Brewery beverages were provided for the “adult kids.”

I took several shots of this guy doing hundreds of somersaults on what felt like the hottest day of the year. He didn’t seem phased by the heat one bit, though. The young are so resilient.

Refreshingly cold, lavender-infused washcloths were passed out to cool guests off. These cloths reminded me of the end of Bikram yoga class, when the instructor would pass these out to everyone after sweating their bums off for 90 minutes.

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