Washington VA Wedding Photography Inn at Little Washington

Amy and Mic had contacted us about a month prior to their wedding and explained that there would be no guests, that their wedding would be just the two of them. Mic and Amy both wanted to remember their wedding as a day of enjoying each others company, indulging in extraordinary food and having time spent on portraits. Amy especially wanted a lot of pictures of Mic because “he is so darn good looking,” she gushed.

They definitely chose the perfect place to have such an intimate wedding. The Inn at Little Washington is a Five Star award winning restaurant and hotel set in the middle of the small town village of Washington, VA. In a few words, I would describe The Inn as simple, wonderful elegance.
Mic and Amy spent the day before their marriage making their own wedding rings! Right next door to The Inn is a place that hosts a ring making workshop. There is a professional who will personally guide you while you make your own wedding bands by hand. I think that’s just the neatest thing. For more info, visit the Wedding Ring Workshop.

On their wedding day, both Amy and Mic were married at the Claiborne House by Reverend Chris Castle, the Inn’s in-house ordained minister and Director of Special Events. After their ceremony, we all took a walk through the gardens and down past the Art Gallery’s rear veranda, which has a lovely scenic view of mountains. Mic and Amy were really adventurous with their portraits. Skipping, jumping, climbing trees and trying play with the Inn’s guardian and mascot, a llama named Francesca. Unfortunately, Francesca was not in the least bit interested in any of us. She snorted and went back to eating grass.

And the coolest way to begin a reception? Mic and Amy were given a pair of signature aprons and helped prepare their own meals with a private cooking lesson from one of the chefs! Afterward, they sat down and enjoyed their candlelit dinner together inside the Claiborne’s dining room. The night ended with a dance to beautiful harp music and singing.

Here are some images from that amazing day.


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