David and Meg’s Snowy Fall Wedding in Linden, VA

Jason and I hope that everyone in Hurricane Sandy’s path is safe and warm. In the midst of today’s extreme weather conditions, I’m reminded of an incredible snowstorm and unforgettable wedding which took place exactly one year ago today. David and Meg’s wedding at Mt. Welby was met with nearly a foot of snow, causing power outages around areas of central and northern Virginia.

When Jason and I arrived at Mt. Welby, the historic house was already without power. Additionally, there was no cellular service and the Kinkead’s catering van that was expected at a certain time still hadn’t arrived. Concerned that the van was stranded, David and one of his friends went out to search for the caterers. I decided to tag along. Despite having no knowledge of where Kinkead’s could be, we found them about a mile down the road. The road was blocked by a massive fallen tree, and travelers were stranded on both sides. I’ve added a few incredible photos of David and his friend, along with the caterers, a few passerby’s and Linden’s Fire Department working together to get the food to Mt. Welby. The fire department feverishly cut through branches and leaves while food trays and containers were unloaded off the van. Finally, everything was passed on through and loaded into waiting vehicles. Fortunately, Kinkead’s was able to work with gas stoves in Mt. Welby’s kitchen and outdoor pits, and dinner was amazing!

Aesthetically, these photos were processed and scanned by Pro Camera (black and white) and Pilot Imaging (color).

Floral Design: Floral Designs Unlimited

Hair/Makeup: Joi Dreams

Makeup:  Amy Miranda

Wedding Gown: La Sposa

Suit: Calvin Klein

Caterers: Kinkead’s

Rentals: Gibson Rentals

Happy 1st Anniversary to David and Meg! Here’s to another unforgettably special day!

  • Daniel Heath de Butts - Glad so many people are enjoying Mt.Welby,Linden,Va.My Grandfather,Dulany Forrest de Butts was born there April 15,1859. Hope the place can keep going for years .Pictures are great2013/01/31 – 01:22ReplyCancel

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