Richmond VA Indian Wedding Shalin Hema Day One

Goodness gracious, it’s been quite some time since my last entry! Client deadlines come first, but I’m definitely long overdue. I want to thank you for keeping up with our latest work and being so patient… I actually have a great number of gorgeous weddings that I’d like to share, along with engagement portraits, personal projects and non-profit work. Please stay tuned!

I’m greatly excited to share Shalin and Hema’s 3-day wedding which took place in Chester, VA. The first day kicked off with Hema’s Ganesh Puja ceremony in the morning followed by lunch and then the Mendhi which went on until the late evening. These events all took place at a hotel that her family owns and operates.


The Ganesh Puja is a preliminary which must be done before any other ceremony in order to bring good luck and to remove any obstacles from the ceremonies that follow. This is done by chanting mantras and offering gifts of fruit to Ganesha, the Lord of beginnings.

I’ve heard that turmeric paste is applied all over the body to invoke the likeness of Ganesha. I’ve also heard that it’s great for glowing and healthy skin, free from bacteria.


Lunchtime! Family and friends come together to prepare a meal for a few hundred guests.


I tend to beeline towards kids. I love talking to them and learning what games they’ve come up with. These girls are up to some freeze tag.

And these boys are playing Cricket. The one looking back is named Jay. We quickly became friends.

The Mendhi party commenced a few hours after lunch. Hema’s lovely henna designs were done by The Henna Lady.

Day TWO will include Shalin’s Ganesh Puja, Hema’s Satak ceremony and then evening Garba! Stay tuned!

  • Colleen Heller - I finally found you! These are just incredible!!! All of the photos, and the commentary really tell the story and capture the moments, and it’s so nice to see the ‘rest of the story’, since I was a part of just a tiny bit of it all. Thanks for the link, too!2011/08/18 – 13:35ReplyCancel

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  • Kristin Moore - OH MY GOODNESS!!! These are absolutely incredible!!!!2011/07/27 – 07:14ReplyCancel

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