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Have you ever heard that tagline, “So very Virginia?” Well, when I think of Will and Leslie’s wedding, those words pop in my mind, but refined specifically to, so very Charlottesville. What I loved most about their wedding were all the unique and personal touches, like Leslie’s dress and barrette specially designed and made for her by the ladies at Posh. The wedding ceremony took place right next to the free speech monument at the Downtown Mall. Guests gathered at the monument beforehand, drawing and writing their well wishes to the couple. Leslie processed with her daughters from the Omni Hotel to the other end of the mall, receiving many congrats and interested looks. The LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph was taking place that entire weekend, which probably meant that Leslie and her girls were the focal point of several festival goers with cameras.

After Will and Leslie exchanged their “I Do’s, ” they took their portraits along Main St. on the way to Maya Restaurant. I loved the set by DJ, Patrick Critzer. He had a continuous mix of eclectic and obscure eighty’s going all night. Some of the most unforgettable moments? Will and Leslie’s first dance sung and performed by Leslie’s daughter. Tearful speeches, hilarious musical performances, Maya’s fried chicken, BBQ ribs and bourbon pecan pie.

Additional Wedding Pros:

Hair: Evolve

Makeup: NB Makeup

Will’s Suit: J Crew

Floral Design: Verde Natural Florals



When Jason and I photograph the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, it’s typically set up where it’s just the bride and groom alone. This was not the case with Tea and Oliver. Their Croatian wedding celebration started early in the day with Oliver and his family arriving to where Tea was getting ready. Their vehicle procession was announced with an entourage of beeping horns. Tea’s family greeted them at the door, however, wouldn’t allow Oliver nor his party to enter just yet… instead, a playful tradition of buying the bride ensued…. and after a bit of negotiating, Oliver and his party were welcomed inside… then surrounded by their closest friends and family, Tea and Oliver saw each other.